Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles


You’re in the market for a new car, but a new car isn’t in your plans. You’d like to enjoy a good used car, but you don’t know who to trust. You’re precisely the reason Ford created its Certified Pre-Owned program.

We know that buying a used vehicle is often a great way to save money while getting a vehicle that will fit your needs, but you still need to find that vehicle and make sure it’s in perfect working order, as promised. The Ford Certified Pre-Owned designation should put your mind at ease.

Ford vehicles are known for their excellence. And our dealership always offers products that exceed your expectations; the Certified Pre-Owned program is just one more way to ensure that the vehicle you want to buy is of the highest quality. You know this, but you may not be aware of all the effort we put into ensuring that quality.

The Best of the Best

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: not every vehicle that comes through our doors deserves the title of certified pre-owned. To qualify, a vehicle must be less than six years old, with a maximum of 120,000 kilometers on the odometer. However, most Ford Certified Used vehicles we sell are only a few years old and have much lower mileage. But that’s just the first step in the certification process.

We also need to be sure of the vehicle’s history before recommending it by getting the CARFAX report, which we give you at the time of purchase. This allows us to track down any problems that have been fixed in the past or anticipated problems the vehicle may face in the near future. And if the vehicle we’re looking at is to be certified, it must have a clean record. One accident or reported damage in the past, and the vehicle will not qualify for our recognition.

Ford’s 172-point inspection


The vehicle has been studied by our staff, at least on paper; now it’s time to do a real study of it in the field. Basically, this is a detailed 172-point inspection performed by our specialized technicians, who don’t miss a thing. A complete inspection list can be provided to you at the time of purchase, of course.

In summary, let’s specify that the verifications cover both the mechanical components (engine, suspension, etc.) and the interior, the cockpit and the accessories. Nothing is left to chance. If the result is good, your vehicle is now certified!

What does it mean?

Buying a Ford-certified used vehicle does not only mean that you get a vehicle that is gently used and is in a known good mechanical condition; any trusted mechanic could have told you that. Only a vehicle sold under the Ford Certified Pre-Owned program will benefit from two new manufacturer warranties.

The first warranty is the 12-month/20,000-kilometre comprehensive limited warranty. it covers all the major systems in your vehicle, from the engine to the transmission to the air conditioning and infotainment. It’s our guarantee that the vehicle will be problem-free when you buy it.

A second optional extended warranty may also be added if you wish to purchase it.

Finally, and this is an important detail, all Ford vehicles recognized under the Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Program benefit from free 24-hour roadside assistance, under certain conditions, for the duration of the limited powertrain warranty.

And last but not least, certified vehicles have access to better financing rates, should the need arise.

So there’s no reason to hesitate; Ford certified pre-owned vehicles are the best choice for you!

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